Our Plumbers Are Improving Water Heater Efficiency

If you have a conventional storage tank water heater, Our Beverly HIlls Plumbers replace worn out water heaters our Beverly Hill water heater repair team knows several ways to keep it running at peak efficiency. The key to keeping these water heaters in their best form is to limit the amount of heat loss from the tank. Heat loss is almost always in the form of radiant transfer through the skin of the machine. Here are three ways to improve water heater efficiency over 77%.

  • Check the Thermostat. If you have a bad Our Beverly Hills Water Heater Repair team does thermostat repairthermostat, it may be overheating or under-heating the water in your tank. If your thermostat is bad it may cause your tank to cycle through temperatures and kick on when it isn't necessary. Have your thermostat checked by a professional to make sure it is working properly.

  • Purchase a Water Heater Insulated Sleeve. An insulated sleeve can prevent up to 45% of radiant heat loss. Placing a rigid insulator beneath the tank can result in another 25% savings by preventing heat loss to the floor.

  • Insulate the Hot Water Pipes. we do new water heater installation By insulating the hot water pipes in your home, you eliminate radiant heat loss during the trip from the water heater to the faucet. This can allow you to turn down your water heater up to 4 degrees. Every degree that you turn the heater down results in about a 7% energy savings.

For these, and several more, energy conservation tips, call our Beverly Hills water heater repair team today. We can set you up with an in home inspection and audit and get you on the road to savings immediately.